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Krav Maga World Championships - Rome - FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA KRAV MAGA
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Informations Krav Maga World Championships - Rome


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THE CONDUCT OF THE TECHNICAL DUO COMPETITION The competition takes place by direct elimination without repechage. TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE This technical Krav Maga competition is a team confrontation of two people, men, women or mixed. For all categories, the duration of the technical performance is 1 minute 20 seconds minimum to 1 minute 30 seconds maximum (1'20'' to 1'30'') Competitors of the same duo must remain the same during the whole contest, no substitution is permitted, even if injured Each duo proposes and demonstrates a free interpretation of the scenario. THE CONDUCT OF THE TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE: The technical performance may include: For the attacker: • Impact of higher limbs (with open hands or closed fists) • Impact of lower limbs • Grab • Push • Pull • Circling • Stranglehold • Bring opponent to the ground • Projection • Ground immobilization • Threat or attack with stick • Threat or attack with knife For the defender: The defenses and ripostes will be multiple, varied and pragmatic, based on Krav Maga practices

During the technical performance, members of a team can be “attackers” or “defenders” according to their preferences in a non-imposed order, no matter their category or gender. Movements and positioning with regards to your partner during the performance will be free (face to face, from the side or from behind). At the beginning of each round, when the number of the teams and the surnames and first names composing each duo are called, both teams present themselves to the central judge. Both competitors (duo) of a team wear a red belt while the two members of the other team wear a blue belt. They align at the perimeter of the competition area, facing the central judge. After saluting the central judge, the duo wearing the blue belt leaves the competition area and waits for its turn. The duo wearing the red belt steps forward in the competition area and starts its performance after saluting again the referees. When technical performances are over, both teams step forward on the competition area and stand aside, facing the central judge. The latter asks for the decision by whistling twice. All flags are risen simultaneously. The decision goes either for the blue belt team or the red belt team, draw cannot exist. The team that obtains a majority of flags is designated as winner. Following the decision, competitors salute themselves, then salute the referees and leave the competition area. The team must have a minimum of 5 minutes to recover between each round. During their students’ contest, teachers must behave with dignity and respect towards officials, referees and competitors. Coaching isn’t authorized.


THE SALUTE AND WAITING POSITION: • The salute: Feet are spread out and parallel, chest tilt (no exaggeration), arms along the body 9 • Waiting position: Feet are spread out and parallel, both arms crossed behind the back. • The outfit: Competitors of the team (duo) must wear a same Krav Maga outfit - Black kimono pants - Black t-shirt only - Red or blue belts (provided by the organization) - Training slippers or bare feet depending on the contest location’s rules of procedure. USE OF WEAPONS: The technical performance includes simulations with or without a weapons. The technical performance of each team must include at least once the use of a stick and a knife. Only weapons provide by the organization are authorized. These weapons must be made of rubber or mousse. Weapons used during the technical performance are either: • Placed on the competition area, at the duo’s convenience; • Held. ARBITRATION One obtains the referee designation after following a specific training provided on site by the person in charge of the referees who validates an official diploma of world referee at the end of the championships. The head of refereeing ensures the technical conduct of the contest along with his designated referees • The arbitration team: An official outfit is required. The judges must wear the official uniform adopted by the Refereeing Commission and obtain on the spot at their expense a badge and an official tie of the World Federation. 10 For each round, the arbitration team is composed of 5 judges, a scorekeeper-timekeeper and a central referee. The central judge sits at the border of the competition area, facing the competitors. The 5 judges have a blue flag and a red flag. Every judge or member of the organization summoned to judge a contest may under no circumstances take part in it as a competitor. THE JUDGING CRITERIA FOR THE DUO TECHNICAL CONTEST The technical performance of the team must be executed with skill and must demonstrate a good knowledge of the principles of Krav Maga. This technical performance is not based on an aesthetic appreciation, but on the fundamental values and principles of Krav Maga, such as efficiency, pragmatism, simplicity and speed. To mark the performance of the team, the judges take into account the following criteria: • Realism of the technical performance • Originality of the technical performance • Variety and technical difficulty both in defense and in attack or threat • Attitude • Mastery of technique, which involves movement control and safety • Determination, concentration and fighting spirit • Proportionality in the response DISQUALIFICATION AND PENALTIES: The team is disqualified by the central judge, after the opinion of the head referee or the opinion of the doctor, if the technical performance is interrupted following an injury or if the safety of one of the competitors is jeopardized. THE COMPETITION AREA: The competition area must be plane and free from all danger. 11 The competition area is entirely made of 10m x 10m tatamis mats. Exiting the tatami is not penalized if unintentional. Competitors do not have access to competition areas before their turn. Members of the sports commission will inform them when their turn is announced in the designated warming up areas. Competitors must present themselves on the competition area wearing the appropriate outfits and protective equipment as described in the regulation. THE OFFICIALS: The officials (technical officers, elected officers, arbitration team, organizers) must wear the official outfit and have an exemplary behavior, according to their responsibilities. A member of the sports commission will indicate them their designated seats. MEDICAL: Medical surveillance is ensured by the doctor summoned by the Italian organizer of the championships. AGE CATEGORIES:

Competition fighting rules for the KRAV MAGA

 1) 30 seconds a total fight with hands and legs Final whistle to mark the end of the fight. The winner score one point. 2) Right after the fight, each fighter go and grab a knife and a truncheon in order to attack each other for 10 seconds. the fighters must attack as fast as possible with only one arm by throwing the other one . If one attacker had a decisive attack he take the point but if the defender do a efficient defense he take the point Final whistle to mark the end of the fight. The winner score one point. 3) Another 20 seconds fight right after the phase 2 exactly like in phase one . Final whistle to mark the end of the fight. The winner score one point. 4) Fighters stands in front of each other face to face : THE BLUE FIHTER IS NOW BACK The red one start the fight by surprising the blue one with a knife OR a truncheon for 10 seconds ,SO HE ATTACK BY THROWING ONE ARM . We will judge the efficiency of the attack but also the efficiency of the other fighter’s defense. Final whistle to mark the end of the fight. The winner score one point. 5) Now the BLUE ONE is attacking the RED ONE for 10 seconds with a knife or a truncheon like in phase 4 we change the role The winner score one point RESULTS could be - a K.O ,Fight stopped by the referee or the doctor , One fighter wins by point - Match can’t end in a draw.
Combat Security Regulations THE PROHIBITED TECHNIQUES ARE: • Blows aimed at the genitals that are too violent or at full force • Uncontrolled neck twists • Uncontrolled ankle twists • The spine keys • Projections in the form of locked keys while standing • Intentional throws and pushes aimed at causing the opponent to fall on the back of the neck or on the head • “Slams” in submission defense by bringing the opponent above waist level • Falls backwards with the opponent behind the back from a standing position THE PROHIBITED BEHAVIORS ARE: • Grasp the trachea artery with the fingers • Put fingers in the nose, eyes, mouth or in an open wound of his opponent • Intentionally scratching or pinching • Catching or pulling hair • Seize the opponent's clothes • Seize or put the fingers in the opponent's ear • Tickle his opponent • Bite his opponent • Spit in the opponent's face or insult him • Seize the protections • Riposte with your back to the attacker at the start of the fight • Verbally or gesturally challenge the referee's decisions Aggressive and deliberately dangerous behavior that could harm the opponent's physical integrity is strictly forbidden